We are Robert and Gabriel, two 5th year medical students with a great passion to play and design Escape Rooms in our free time. We love to think out of the box and challenge our brains, so we thought about sharing our work with the world. We strongly believe in building strong bonds with family and friends through fun and play, so we create everything with great love and passion. We often test our creations in real life with our circle of friends, carefully taking feedback and adapting everything to create unique and easy-to-set-up experiences. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing everything coming up together as a complete experience for everyone to enjoy. We hope to offer you a great time with your loved ones!

Robert & Gabriel



Finding a fun activity for a party, family dinner or school project can be a hassle, especially last minute. Here's where we come in. Printable Escape Rooms are a fantastic way to fill in your program with some extra fun! Even if you are looking for a quick experience, or something more complex, we have a Printable Escape Room for every occasion. From exciting adventures for children to unforgettable experiences for adults, we went above and beyond to create ready-to-use games that can fit any need. We strive to offer exceptional customer service, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and quick support features that ease the use of our products. From personalized set-up instructions to automatic customer service that offers instant solutions to the most common issues is what makes a difference. We are proud to be trusted by over 10.000 customers throughout our 5-year journey. Printable Escape Rooms are the way to go, so please let us entertain you in MysteryLocks style!