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About Us

MysteryLocks.com was founded as a niche eCommerce website for Recreational Escape Games and Physical Adventure Game Businesses. Since this style of business first emerged in 2007 in Kyoto, Japan, it has been a growing consumer fan favorite recreation activity to help relieve the stress of daily life, and it is also commonly used by businesses as a team building exercise.

What would an Escape be without having to free oneself? Whether you have to find the code to unlock a combination padlock or find the clues to unravel the mystery of where you might find the key to unlock a padlock to proceed, the Recreational Escape Game Business relies on padlocks and other locking devices to help create the trills of successful accomplishments with their patron’s ultimate escape. With growing markets for Adventure Game and Recreational Escape Game Businesses, not just in the United States but also around the World, the need for a reliable low cost supplier of keyed and combination padlocks, as well as other locking and non-locking physical security devices was recognized, and MysteryLocks.com was launched.

MysteryLocks.com is part of the Padlock Pros™ series of eCommerce websites from Hodge Products, Inc.
Our Padlock Professionals are here to help with all of your physical security needs. Whether your needs are purely for pleasure, business, or personal security padlocks or other security devices, Padlock Pros™ can get you the devices you need.

As part of the  Hodge Products, Inc. a top Master Lock® distributor for decades. Our team of Padlock Professionals assembled this unique selection of Master Lock® Products, best suited for Recreational Escape Games, at the lowest prices.